Settlers of Catan Expansion Pack – Enhance Your Settlers Experience

Those who enjoy a good game of “Settlers”, as it is affectionately known, officially “The Settlers of Catan”, may possibly be aware of the fascinating options that become available to the game players, when the Settlers of Catan Expansion Pack is used.  In fact, there are several Settlers of Catan Expansion Packs available, making the options even more open to the game player who wishes to enhance his or her Settlers of Catan experience.  Catan accessories, such as the expansion packs, are indeed popular.

For instance, the Catan Traders and Barbarians + 5-6 Player Expansion will make it possible to explore even more avenues for trading and maybe a little barbarianism too – ! – on the island of Catan.  Mayfair Games, the producer of Settlers of Catan, is aware that Settlers players like to make their game as interesting as possible and with the addition of another player or two, the game gets more intriguing and more fun.  Two more Settlers of Catan expansion packs are the Seafarers of Catan + 5-6 Player Expansion and the Cities & Knights of Catan + 5-6 Player Expansion. 

In The Seafarers of Catan embark on a quest to settle the island, build ships, and chart the nearby waters. Guide your settlers to victory with clever trading, cunning development, and by establishing the most productive sea lanes. You need The Settlers of Catan board game to use this expansion, sold separately.
In The Cities & Knights of Catan, you engage in the defense of Catan and will compete to construct the three great metropolises of Catan.  You must invest in city improvements, which you acquire using commodities of trade: Coin, Paper, and Cloth. This edition features all new artwork, and an insert tray to hold game components for up to 6 players.  For use with the Settlers of Catan game.
In Catan: Traders & Barbarians, you’ll find lots of cool new ways to explore Klaus Teuber’s award-winning game series. Add a a friendly robber, harbormaster, or special events. Play with a wealth of new wooden pieces and capabilities. You can even link your games to create an intriguing campaign. For use with The Settlers of Catan board game, sold separately.
Get all 4 Settlers 5-6 player expansions bundled together.

The funny thing is, Settlers of Catan is a deceptively addictive board game.  Before you know it, you’ve gone from being a casual player to a Catan obsessed person who can’t stop organizing pizza or fondue nights around this game.  Don’t be worried about the price of each Settlers Catan expansion pack, despite that on the surface it may seem like a lot of money for some tiles in a box, the real deal can’t be replicated and you will get endless enjoyment out of these Settlers expansion packs

Each Settlers of Catan expansion pack will allow you to employ slightly different rules for the new and expanded game.  Veteran players recommend that those who are only just starting out on their Catan adventures begin modestly and only try one Settlers expansion pack at a time.  This is because for some it might be daunting to learn new sets of rules for each pack at once, and it may put one off the game, which would be terrible considering how much fun you would be missing out on! 

The Settlers of Catan Mega Bundle pack includes every single expansion pack available, making it possible for you to play endless variations of The Settlers of Catan and never get bored.  For those who just can’t get enough, each Catan expansion will keep you going for endless hours of amusement and of course, if you’re the type who likes to accompany a board game with a good gang of friends and a meal, you will be in for endless yummy and interesting pizza nights!  The Catan mega pack is perfect for the serious board gamer.

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